FWG -Thru The Pass (2016)


Full Weather Generator feat. Scott (Jonno) Johnson & Dave Hart collaborate song ideas across Vancouver Island, B.C.

Combining Acoustic & Electric Guitars with intellectual lyrics, add keyboards & lots o’ bass & drums to create an edgy, but uniquely blended West Coast Style.

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Dave Hart - Diversity (2007)


DIVERSITY is a musical montage album bringing together expansive and sonic atmospheres that bridge musical tastes and are the heart of Dave's 2007 debut solo album.

Each song's environment was created by combining acoustic and electric guitar arrangements with a Roland guitar synthesizer and other audio effects.

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DRIVEN - WWTW? (1998)


DRIVEN - A different take on the progressive power trio. With WWTW?, we were totally experimental with our own musical self-indulgence. Musicianship and play-ability of this caliber is a rare treat to explore and participate in. So we made a record aptly named Which Way To Where? Some standout tracks being 'Domestic Drive', 'Slipstream', 'Dunes Dream' & 'Move Me.'  

Limited CD Edition Available