Guitar Lessons

A Fun Environment

If you are interested in a guitar learning program, either novice or advanced - I am accepting a limited number of students on Vancouver Island. Ideal for players wanting to brush up or expand their knowledge, repertoire and technique.  

I’ve developed a highly interactive teaching method that is fun to teach - and easy to learn.  
These are condensed programs, meaning that students learn a lot in a shorter period of time. I provide learning materials like audio jam files and custom worksheets
(chord diagrams / scale charts)  

Students achieve a lot of learned value and applicable knowledge from all programs. 

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Learning Programs

Programs consist of five (5) modules. Depending on abilities to express music, we explore depth in these areas;

Chord Theory (Knowledge of various traditional/progressive chord formations)
Scale Theory (Expand on soloing techniques, shapes, harmony and modal discovery)  

Riffs & Picks (Popular songs and plectrum fun; strumming, finger-taps, shredding and hybrid picking)  

Song Structures (Learning rhythm and beats, Improv to JamTrax, fundamental notation and tablature)  

Sound on Sound (Tone study with amps & gear settings, effects processing) Digital recording software and effectively using the web. 

What Students Say

"My son and I really enjoyed our lessons with Dave. He has a great understanding of a wide variety of guitar styles and theory. His patient and fun teaching manner also demonstrates an appreciation for the learning process. He has a unique artistic balance to instruct his talent by being both personable and highly creative. DAVE ROCKS!!!"  
~ J. & J. Weston  

"Dave Hart has been my guitar instructor since October, 2014. In that time my understanding of the fret board, chord and scale relationships and most importantly musical improvisation has improved significantly. I find his approach refreshing and full of energy. He is not afraid to challenge you but always with positive encouragement.
~ Darren McGee   

"I highly recommend Dave if you are looking to learn how to really play and understand the guitar. In my eyes he moves seamlessly in and out thru a number of musical genres and is highly proficient in all of them."
~ Darren Peck

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